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Emily + Jeremy's Grand Teton National Park Elopement

Updated: May 4, 2021

Just a little over a month before Emily and Jeremy's scheduled wedding, Emily inquired with me about her backup plan...a Grand Teton Elopement. Years in the making, their original plan of a big wedding with all of their friends and family in New York state was no longer possible due to Covid-19. What is the next best thing? Run off and get married in the mountains! Drawn to the Tetons by its beauty and endless hiking and backpacking, they made the decision to go for it... So in ONE month she planned all the travel, wedding day prep, photographer(me!) and florist for their new wedding day with just immediate family, in the mountains of Wyoming.

Their day couldn't have been better- mostly sunny, calm and 76 degrees. Even Grand Tetons notorious summer afternoon storms were no where to be seen. We all hiked a couple miles into the park to a secluded lake for their beautiful ceremony on the rocky shore. I love that they still included fun traditions like cake cutting, first dance, and the parent dances on their wedding day. As the day wound down and the sky grew dark, we wrapped up the evening with some tasty beer and a short swim in Jenny Lake.

Jeremy and Emily continued their travels straight to the honeymoon which was filled with backpacking in the Winds and Glacier National Park. No better way to begin a marriage!


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