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How to Slay Your Engagement Session!



Don’t look at me 

My photography style is relaxed and candid, this may be one of the reasons you chose me to shoot your wedding :) so try your hardest not to look right at the camera unless I ask you to. I know you have been taught most of your life to look at the camera so this can be a bit counter intuitive.


It may be awkward at first

Let’s face it, having your photos done by a practical stranger is a little awkward. That is perfectly normal! I will do my best to help you feel comfortable by giving you things to do, think about, or discuss with your fiance. Then, before you know it, you’ll be more distracted by those things and will feel at ease and relaxed infront of the lens. 


 Touch each other

 If you don’t know what to do with your hands put them on each other.  Also don’t be afraid to get reeeealll close to each other. There is a natural tendency to make a distance between each other when you are in front of a stranger but this is a time to hold hands, hug and look into the eyes of your love. 


Dress like yourself

If you feel uncomfortable in something you are wearing that is just not you, it will show in the pictures. Dress up if thats your thing and it makes you feel good and if it doesn’t try something else closer to home. Also, make sure your outfit will be practical for the location. If we are planning on hiking, leave the heels at home. 

*note If you need help deciding between a few outfits, send me a message and I will help you figure out which one will look best in photos. 

Make a night of it

Plan a date night and do something fun or romantic before or after your session. This will make the whole day a lovey dovey experience that you will look forward to and remember. 


Embrace the spontaneous elements

 If the wind picks up and your hair is flying everywhere or it starts to rain, just go with the flow. The photos will still turn out amazing and the unexpected will be a part of the fun memories from the day. 

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