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Intimate Weddings + Elopements

Maybe large crowds and lots of planning aren’t your thing. Luckily it is becoming more common to have a small wedding, or even leave everyone behind to elope with your love. 


So you decided that a small, intimate ceremony is your cup of tea, now what? The first thing I want you to do is, envision your perfect wedding day. Is it peaceful and relaxed, or full of adventure? Maybe a little bit of both? Let’s make your dream wedding come to life. 


Start off by figuring out key moments that you want to include in your wedding day. Even with just the two of you some traditional moments like first dance, champagne toast and cake cutting can be included.  It’s up to you!  

Once you figure out the “what” I can help you figure out the where, when and how logistics to capture the best light and avoid crowds(no one wants a wedding crasher or ten during an elopement!) I will also make sure you have a little extra time in your schedule to relax and be present, that is after all the best part of eloping! 


A typical elopement/intimate wedding might look something like this:



        •    Getting ready 

        •    First look

        •    Adventure -this could be a hike, horseback riding or something else that you love to do together! 

        •    Ceremony+ vows

        •    Family portraits- if they’re present

        •    Champagne toast, first dance + sunset couple portraits

        •    Celebratory picnic dinner and/or dessert



Eloping doesn’t mean you have to skip the wedding day luxury.  The right vendors can help you create an unforgettable wedding day and since you aren’t feeding 200 people your budget will have more wiggle room! 


Items you might want to think about including:

Florals- the perfect boutonniere and bouquet will make even the simplest outfit fancy

Hair and Makeup- Try and find someone that will come to you

Officiant- gotta make it legal!  Adam is a legal officiant so if you aren’t picky ask me if he is available, no charge for my photography clients! 

Videographer- You will be happy your day was so well documented to show all of your family and friends back home! 

Cake or dessert- Treat yo self!

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