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How to give proper credit on your professional photos

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I get a lot of questions on how to properly give credit on their professional photos when posting to social media. "Do you want your business or your personal name tagged?" "Do you have to credit every photo?" "What is the best way to tag your business?" I am going to try and answer some of those questions here.

I remember when I was a bride and I got my photos back, I was really confused about if I could post them on social I didn't. More than anything, I want my clients to be excited to post their photos, and not hesitant and confused as to how to get the best resolution or how to credit the photo. Please feel free to post all of your photos, the worst that could happen is I contact you about your photo and help you post it properly. I wont be mad, I promise :) remember if your photos look good, then I look good.

***Please note that permission is given to you for personal use only. If a vendor contacts you about using your wedding day photos, let them know that you do not have the rights to give them the photos for promotional use. Please have them contact me for more information***

Today I am going to show you the easiest way to share your photos with the best resolution and give proper credit on Facebook.

#1 way to credit us, use the "share" button! I just love when someone shares my work! Not to mention all the photo credit information is automatically transfered so it's a no brainer. This only works on photos I have posted on my Facebook page or website though so it a bit limited. Below is how to share new photos in an album.

Step 1. Go to your photos and select "Create Album"

Step 2. Select the photos you would like to include in your album.

Step #3. Check the "High Quality" box in the lower left side of the screen. ***While I am mentioning quality, I feel I should address a common issue people have, when the photos are crisp on their computer, then once on Facebook they look blurry. All of my clients get an online gallery of their images, and if you download them from your desktop you get 3 size options to download. Now I know it is your first instinct to download your photos at the highest quality but if you are planning on using them on Facebook or other social media I urge you to download them at their "web-size". This is because Facebook actually compresses the images to a smaller size and that can actually make them blurry. If you upload them in the web-size they are at the maximum size they can be with out having to compress the files and will be much clearer.

Step 4. Go to album name and start typing @Anafinn Photography. My business page should pop up, which you can then select. The @ symbol is really important here, it might not pop up if you dont include it. This method also works on individual photos(not albums).

I know... I only have 288 likes at this time. Social media is not my thing. Photography is :P

Step 5. Post your album and double check that under the album title my buisness name appears. If you did it right, it should be a link to my business page and that makes me sooo happy!

Hope this helps you all with your social media sharing! And remember if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!




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