Things to think about while planning your Spring/Summer 2020 wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic


You're scared, you're frustrated and you're grieving the loss of all your dreams for the perfect 2020 wedding. Don't freak out, I am here to help you get back on track. It might not be exactly what you had originally imagined, but you will get to marry the person of your dreams, and it will be amazing!

Now, take a deep breath. This is not your fault, you could not prevent this and most importantly, this is not an omen that you shouldn't get's just one of those things that comes down to bad luck. Now, lets accept our new reality that Covid-19 is not going to magically go away anytime soon and move forward.

Questions you may have:

Do I have to postpone my wedding?

We need to follow the advice of the experts so I am going to link the CDC's recommendations on large gatherings HERE. Right now the CDC is recommending that all large gatherings be postponed through the month of April. However, that date just keeps getting pushed back so if your wedding is in May or June you may want to come up with a backup plan now to be better prepared. Hopefully that won't happen but better to be safe than sorry. 

How do I postpone my wedding?

First talk with your family, fiancé, and wedding party to figure out what days would work for them. Keep an open mind about dates as weekends might be filled up through the fall. Then contact your vendors and see what days will work for them and what their reschedule policy is.  The earlier you contact your vendors about postponing, the better date options you will get! 

As you know, I received a non-refundable retainer upon booking your wedding. While normally no rescheduling is allowed, I am making a huge exception to my contract because of the pandemic: You may reschedule your 2020 wedding date and apply the entire retainer towards a new date I have available. In the case of a complete cancellation of your wedding or if you choose a date I am not available, however, you will not be refunded your deposit. 

I have waited too long to marry the love of my life and I want to get married as scheduled... What are my options?

If you have ever thought about eloping this is the time to do it! You can still have a few of your closest friends and family along with you, and/or you can live stream it for everyone to be with you virtually. My husband is an officiant and we can go where ever your dreams take you to photograph the whole thing! Then when everyone is out of social isolation, and ready to party you will have the most epic reception ever! If you are interested in eloping, check out my guide HERE


My wedding is in late summer/fall. Do I need to change anything?

Social restrictions will hopefully be lifted by then, but there are going to be somethings you want to do regardless. The CDC recommendations are:

Pare down your guest list some. The larger the group the more risk in transmitting the virus from person to person. If you have already sent out a save the dates or invites, give people a call or email. Most people will understand your concern and that changes have to be made.

Space your guests out. By now we have all heard the 6ft rule, although it may seem impossible to space all of your guests 6 feet apart, you may be able to seat people within a family(who already have contact with one another) closer together while leaving a space with the next family. 

Have a talk with your elderly and/or immunocompromised guests. As sad as it is, it may be better for them to stay home. I promise I will have some great pictures for you to share with them when things get back to normal! 

Provide hand washing stations, sanitizer favors and recommend people staying home if they feel ill is always a good idea as well! 


If you have any question,  need help with any planning problems or just need someone to talk to about your wedding, I am here. Don't hesitate to get ahold of me! In the mean time wash your hands, don't touch your face, and stay safer at home!